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Corentin Charron, CG generalist

Compositing, Fx, Lighting, Script, Rigging




Messy goes to Okido

Posted on sept 20 by

Hello, I’ve been working on this TV show for kids, “Messy Goes to Okido“, at Doodle Productions, for the BBC. I did some rigging and was assistant technical...


Maxscript snippets

Posted on juin 6 by

Here are some short and simple maxscript snippets that I use quite often. They are very simple and there’s probably a cleaner way to do what they do, but who knows, it can...


Matlib Manager 0.2a

Posted on jan 21 by

The first stable release of the Matlib Manager is out ! This script allows to save a matlib from a scene or a selection, and to save which material goes with which objects...


Cosmic Love website is out !

Posted on oct 25 by

Hey ! Check out the brand new website of Cosmic Love! For now, it’s a bit empty, but we’ll fill it regularly....


Pointcache Tool 0.1b

Posted on oct 25 by

A nearly stable version of my pointcache manager is available ! And it comes with a demonstration video. Details on this dedicated page: