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Corentin Charron, CG generalist

Compositing, Fx, Lighting, Script, Rigging




Pointcache Tool 0.1b

Posted on oct 25 by

A nearly stable version of my pointcache manager is available ! And it comes with a demonstration video. Details on this dedicated page:


Showreel 2014

Posted on août 9 by

Here is my latest showreel. It mainly contains some shots from my graduation movie, Cosmic Love, in which, in addition to pipeline development and production scripts, I did fx...


Script/Rig reel 2014

Posted on août 9 by

Hi ! During the production of my graduation movie, I had to code a lot of tools, from skin tools to pipeline automation scripts. Here are three videos showing a small...


Cosmic Love – Teaser

Posted on juil 11 by

Here is the teaser of my graduation short movie, Cosmic Love. It was made between september 2013 and june 2014 with Lise Corriol, Manon Marsal, Simon Popot and Aurélien Revelli....


Les Pyramides d’Égypte

Posted on mai 22 by

Hello! Here is the short film I co-directed during my fourth year at Supinfocom Arles(2013), with Lise Corriol, Olivier Lafay and Nicolas Mrikhi. The soundtrack was composed by...