The Material Explorer allows you to load all the material from an external maxfile or/and from a material library. It also allows to assign these material to objects of the current scene.

Please use Github to report a bug: github.com/Onectin/MatExplorer-Tool



Thanks a lot to them !



  • Simply execute « matExplorer.ms« 
  • Select the file you want to merge the materials from (*.max or *.mat)
  • « Load » it
  • You can append to the list as many files as you want.
  • Use « Clear » to reset the list.
  • The thumbnails generation can take a while. You can disable the preview calculation by unchecking « Activate » before loading a file.


Assign a material

  • You can drag’n drop a material from the list to an object in the viewport.
  • You can double-clique on a material to assign it to the current selection.


Download Script