Matlib manager is a simple tool allowing to generate material libraries (from scene or selection), and to reassignate the matlibs to the correct objects (in an other scene). The script uses a basic database system to save the correspondence between a material and an object.

It can be useful in the cases where assets are massively deployed in several scenes. It is, for example, easy to select all the objects from a character, generate a Matlib Manager file (*.mlm). The file will contain the matlib’s path, the object list, and the materials that are assigned to them. Then the script reapplies the material to the objects of the same name or increments (+ « _00x »).

This script have originally been made for the Cosmic Love pipeline.

Please use Github to report a bug:



  1. Put the « matlibManager » folder in your default script directory. (In 3dsMax, see « Customize > Configure System Path > Additional Scripts » to know that directory.)
  2. Execute « » in 3dsMax
  3. A message will say that the preferences.ini file was not found. The preferences window will open.
  4. Set the preferences
  5. Restart 3dsMax



  • Simply execute « »
  • You can find matlibManager in the UI category « #Onectin »



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