Pointcache Tool is a basic pointcache managing tool. It allows to save, in a simple database, an asset’s datas (objects and path). Then it’s possible, in any animation file, to export pointcache of the selected asset, if present in the scene.

The second part of the script allows to merge the asset from its source in the current scene, and to apply the pointcaches (world space modifier or object space modifier). If it is a space object modifier, « Pointcache » must be added to the modifier’s stack in the source file.

This is a production tool, so it’s based on a shot/sequence system. These informations are parsed from the filename (but it can be manually overwritten), based on a (customizable) pattern.

Please use Github to report a bug:



  1. Put the « pointCacheTool » folder in your default script directory. (In 3dsMax, see « Customize > Configure System Path > Additional Scripts » to know that directory.)
  2. Execute « » in 3dsMax
  3. Set the preferences
  4. Restart 3dsMax



  • Simply execute « »
  • You can find pointcacheTool in the UI category « #Onectin »



screenshot_preferences_001     screenshot_pcOptions_001     screenshot_mainImport_001

screenshot_mainFull_001     screenshot_mainExport_001     screenshot_assetEdit_001

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