skintoolsDynamic Average weight allows to generate a linear gradient of weight values from a selection of vertices. The script works if the selection contains three differents values: a maximum one, a minimum and a zero. The vertices with the zero value will be affected. This is an experimental script, there are a lot of specific cases that aren’t include in the code ! Also, there are heavy calculations behind this function, and maxscript isn’t optimized for this kind of massive operation so the script doesn’t work with larges selections.

Mouse weight is a simple feature I saw in Maya and that I wanted to reproduce in 3dsMax. It allows to drive the vertices selection’s weight with the mouse. The value changes can be relative or absolute.

Copy/Paste average is, again, a feature I borrowed from Maya. It simply calculates the average weight from a selection and pastes the result !

Download Script

I won’t debug these scripts. They were for me a way to learn this part of maxscript, but i think they won’t be useful, even debugging them: this is deeply dirty code 🙂 . I share them anyway: if somebody looks for maxscript and skinning tricks, maybe he’ll find here some help…